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A past with three, a future for two…

Three Questions: Book 2.

Gabe Carter and his best friend Connor’s passion for threesomes brought Tina Jenkins into Gabe’s bed—and into his heart. As a matter of honor, he gave up the woman he loved. Time passes, times change and old promises fall away, but Gabe is still in love with Tina. Now he’s going after his heart’s desire.

Tina has her own opinion about Gabe’s sense of honor. His departure tore apart the most special of bonds and destroyed her relationship with Connor, leaving her brokenhearted. It took her a long time to pick up the pieces, a struggle she doesn’t wish to repeat. When Gabe shows up at her favorite coffee shop, she knows just where to tell him to stick his apology.

Gabe isn’t so easily put off—and Tina can’t help but respond to his seduction. Picking up where they left off is tempting, but Gabe wants her all to himself. And Tina wants the whole package, which includes Connor.

At the risk of crushing his hopes for the future, Gabe sets out to prove he’s more than enough man for her…

Warning: Features piping hot sex, ménage scenes, adult toys, anal play, a short blond heroines and a stacked, muscular hero.

(Please note: This book has been previously published.)


Tina stared in disbelief at the hulking mountain of a man standing in her doorway. He’d come back. After the way he’d left earlier, she’d believed he’d never want to lay eyes on her again.

An intense wave of relief swept over her.

“Have dinner with me?” he invited, as if nothing had transpired between the two of them today. As if he hadn’t professed his love for her. As if he hadn’t brought her to orgasm several times over. As if she hadn’t watched his face shadow over when she’d told him she’d loved both him and Connor.

“Y-you want to have a meal together?”

He shrugged. “We both have to eat.”

Tina hoped her jaw hadn’t dropped in response. Two hours ago Gabe had left with a tortured look on his face. Now he was extending a casual invitation to dinner.

She said the first thing that came to mind. “Well, gosh, Gabe. I’m kinda busy right now. You know? Forgetting about you and forgetting about today. Just like you instructed. I don’t have the time to stop for a bite.”

Gabe’s answering smile was slow to develop. “Damn, T, maybe one day I’ll learn to take offense to your cynical nature.”

“Damn, G, maybe one day you won’t inspire cynicism in me.”

He nodded, every glimmer of his smile gone. “I can only hope. May I come in?”

She narrowed her eyes as she looked up at him belligerently. “That depends. Do you have any plans to raid the contents of my bedside drawer again?” Her stomach gave an unexpected quiver. Shit. She should know better than to refer to her toys. Gabe’s skill with a vibrator surpassed any man’s she’d known, even Connor’s.

A muscle ticked in his jaw. “That would—” Gabe shook his head and broke off mid-sentence. “I came to take you to dinner, that’s it.” He frowned. “I swear there will not be a repeat of this afternoon’s performance…” This time he let his words trail off.

Tina eyed him warily. He’d left way too much unsaid. He could have finished his sentence with…unless you want there to be one. And damn it, she did. Just standing opposite Gabe had her nerves jumping about in a state of useless confusion. Okay, not confusion. Longing. Being anywhere near the man brought out a deep-seated ache for the physical gratification he and Connor had once freely provided.

She pushed the lust aside. Five orgasms and a confession of love in one day was about as much as her body could handle. Or her mind, for that matter.

Lord, where’d Gabe learn how to do all of that? He was the only man she knew who could bring her to orgasm more than once in a single session of lovemaking. Even Connor, for all his skill, hadn’t had the ability. But Gabe. Damn, over and over again she came for him, until her body was limp and sated and exhausted.

With less reluctance than she would have liked, Tina stepped aside and let him in. She’d have to take him at his word. Gabe may have done a lot of things, but he’d never lied. If he swore nothing would happen, nothing would happen. Unless, of course, she changed the rules.
She gave a sharp mental shake of her head. She wouldn’t.

He walked into her flat, and she closed the door behind them. That was when the momentary panic set in. Christ, he was back. Now what? Did she have to relive old memories once again? The months when she was happiest with the men she loved? The days when nothing could have gotten her down because she had two gorgeous men whom she adored and who worshipped her?

At first it had been just her and Connor. That had been fun. Connor was a smart guy with a wicked sense of humor. Sleeping with him was a serious turn-on. Then Gabe entered the equation, and the sex had gone from good to explosive. Making love to Connor and Gabe was the most sensual, most satisfying, most thrilling experience of her life. Falling in love with them had been a natural progression in their relationship. If the choice had been hers, she would have stayed with both of them forever.

The choice hadn’t been hers. Gabe had left, destroying the most precious of bonds.

She thumped him on the back. Hard.

“Ugh!” He turned in surprise. “What was that for?”

“For walking out on me. On us.” She glowered at him, anger settling in the pit of her stomach.

“So you hit me?”

“Hit? Hah, I’d beat you senseless if I knew I stood a chance.”

His pupils dilated. “You stand every chance. Don’t you know you’ve rendered me senseless on more than one occasion?”

“Bull,” she sneered. “I’ve never even punched you before.” She corrected her error now, clenching her fist and striking out as hard as she could. Her hand connected with his stomach, and her breath left her body in a gasp. Damn it! She’d hit a wall of solid muscle, and the only pain she’d caused was to her own fingers.

Gabe gawked at her. “You don’t need to punch me. Just being with you takes my breath away.” He dropped his gaze to his stomach and then lifted it back up to meet hers again. His tone was lowered by several notches. “Making love to you… Damn, I never could think straight when I was inside you. Couldn’t see, couldn’t hear.” Gabe closed his eyes on a groan. “All I could do was feel.”

His words rolled through her like warm honey, slipping through her veins, heating her blood. “Shut up, Gabe.” Pain be damned. She punched him again and then again, this time on his arm. “I’m busy being pissed off at you.”

He tensed his biceps, accepting her blows without comment.

Shit, wasn’t that just typical Gabe behavior? Everything went by without comment. Everything. Even his departure from her life. She hit him harder. Then harder again. “Damn you, Gabriel Carter,” she spluttered. “You left us. You left me. You walked away from the best thing that ever happened to me. You bastard.” The hand she’d been attacking with throbbed so she switched arms and pummeled him good. Rage came bubbling to the surface, lending strength to her strikes. “I loved you, goddamn it. You and Connor. You were my world. My happiness. And. You. Walked. Away. You destroyed us.”

Four years, and who would have thought she still had so much emotion left in her? So much bloody anger and despair. Yes, he may have come back six months later, but by then it was already too late. She’d met Grant and tried to move on with her life.

“I destroyed me too,” Gabe whispered.

“Shut up,” she snapped. “You don’t get to have a say now. You don’t get to tell me how you felt.

You’re four years too bloody late for that.”

She raised her arm to strike him again, but before her hand found its target, he acted. In less time than it took to blink, Tina hung suspended in space, her legs dangling uselessly below her. Gabe had her caught between his body and the wall. His chest pressed into hers, flattening her breasts against his pecs, against a barrier of super hard male flesh. His thigh was wedged between her legs, holding her up, pushing against her groin, making even the slightest move an exquisite form of torture. And his mouth was inches, centimeters, from hers. So close the rasping heat of his breath warmed her lips, tickled her nose and sent a blast of half-crazed lust careening down her spine.

“You were my world, T. But you were Connor’s first. I didn’t have a choice.” He thrust his thigh up, and she battled against him.

Oh, holy hell. She needed to stop struggling. The sensations smashing through her and lighting up her core had her writhing with need. Either she had to quit struggling—or she needed to go to war with him. All-out war, which would have only one result. An orgasm. And a damn hard one if her current state of desire was anything to go by.

“We all have choices,” she bit back and then added for good measure, “Sometimes we just make the wrong ones.”

“You think I don’t know how bad my decision was?” Gabe’s voice was hoarse, the look in his eyes tortured. “You think I didn’t spend the last three and a half years in hell wondering how you were? If you were married? Happy?” He ground his thigh against her pussy, and she bit back a whimper. “You think this is what I want? My leg here? Fuck, T, I want my whole body between your legs. I want…” He closed his eyes and groaned. “I want to be inside you. So goddamned deep inside you I lose myself. I want…need to feel your warm pussy wrapped around me, pulling me in deeper and deeper…”

Tina gulped, because now that he’d voiced it out loud, she wanted the very same thing. She had a maddening compulsion to tear off her clothes and his, draw him down to the floor and envelop his hard length with her pussy.

He dropped his head, resting his forehead against hers, taking in great gulps of air. She sucked in the air he exhaled, greedy for anything of his to become a part of her.

His voice was erotic as sin as he panted out, “Need to…make love…to you.”

She dissolved. Any reluctance that might have prevented her from responding dissipated in his words, in his raw desire for her. Her eyelids drooped, her lips parted, and she raised her chin to meet his mouth in the inevitability of a kiss. More than her next breath, she wanted his mouth on her.


divider1-white“Ms. Dee writes from the heart and has the ability to live the story with her characters. The sexual tension steams up the pages, you can’t help but want them to work out their problem and find their happy ever after. If you want a story that will take you on the ride of your life A Question of Love is the one for you.”

(Reviewed by Sandie)

Fallen Angel Reviews: Five Angels


divider1-white“Ms. Dee provides the reader with a sexy, scorching hot, passionate story that’s not only guaranteed to take your breath away, but will also take you on an emotional roller coaster ride that will have you begging for more… A Question of Love is not only the perfect title for Ms. Dee’s work of art, but also a definite recommend to all my friends. This gripping story of love, loss, and sexual desire is definitely a book I’ll re-read on many occasions. Two thumbs up to Ms. Dee and her sensual masterpiece, A Question of Love.”

 (Reviewed by Jasmine)

Whipped Cream Reviews: Five Cherries


divider1-whiteA Question of Love by Jess Dee is a book that has mind-blowing sex, complex and relatable characters, a dynamic and appealing plot, great writing, and a fantastic love story, which makes it a book you will want to have in your hands.

 (Reviewed by Tarsilla)

Blackraven Reviews: Five Ravens and a Recommended Read


divider1-white“A Beautiful and at times heartbreaking story. A journey I am glad I took with Gabe and Tina until the end.”

(Reviewed by Brande)

Book Junkie: 5 Stars (Loved it! Couldn’t put it down)


divider1-white“Gabe and Tina’s relationship is very sexual and full of urgent, raging passion enough to get anyone excited.  I will be going back to read Maddie and Connor’s story A Question of Trust because A Question of Love was so enjoyable.”

(Reviewed by Marc Holiday)

Just Erotic Romance Reviews: Four and a half Stars


divider1-white“A Question of Love is romantic, entertaining and sexy enough to leave you wanting more! I, for one, will tell my friends about this book.”

(Reviewed by Deb)

Dark Diva Reviews: 4 Delightful Divas


divider1-white“Jess has written another spellbinder that will leave you alternating between the fear that things will never be set right, and drooling over the heat Tina and Gabe generate. This is an emotional rollercoaster ride, AND super hot and sensual. It gets one of my very highest recommendations”

(Sandie, Moderator Samhain Café, Nov 2009)

Book Facts

Series: Three Questions, Book 2

Publication Date: 17 March 2017

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Length:  Approximately 98 pages

ISBN-13: 9781370484942

Cover Artist: Tabatha Scott



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