A little over seven years ago, I wrote my first MFM menage romance. And it kinda set a precedent for me. I discovered I loved writing menage.

Since then, I’ve written ten more menages. I’ve spread my wings into MMF, and even dappled in a little MMFM. (Yeah, that was fun.) (And minds out the gutters, I’m talking about books. Not real life!)

But it’s true what they say: you never forget your first. And that’s why A Question Of Trust will always hold a special place in my heart. So, I’m stoked to announce the book is getting a complete makeover. It’s going to be re-released in about a month – with a brand spanking new (and might I add pretty spectacular) cover.

Keep watching this space for more details. In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peak:

Cover art by Tabatha Scott

A Question of Trust

Copyright © 2016, Jess Dee

How do you choose between love and honor?

A Question Of… Series, Book 1

Madeline Jones is having the time of her life with Gabriel Carter, a man who fulfills every one of her sexual fantasies. She’s sure it can’t get any better than this…until Gabe introduces her to his best friend.

When Connor Regan enters the mix, sparks fly. Suddenly Maddie wants more than just Gabe, she wants Connor, too. The two men seem happy to oblige.

But threesomes have a way of getting complicated. Hearts can be broken. Although Gabe and Connor play by a strict set of rules designed to minimize the damage, true love does not always adhere to the guidelines.

Sometimes, to fulfill the dream of having the love of a lifetime, even the most comprehensive codes of trust and honor have to be challenged.

Warning: This book contains spicy sex scenes, uninhibited voyeurism, anal play, m-f-m passion, oh yeah, and a new sandwich recipe.


An Excerpt: (Yeah, it’s dirty. And it’s strictly for 18yrs+)

“Fuck,” he muttered. “You are wet.” He slipped his finger inside her, and pumped his cock a little faster. “Did Regan do this to you, baby? Did he get you this excited?”

She’d come too far to lie to him now. “Yes. Connor did this to me. His kiss…it made me hot.” She lowered her eyes, then lifted them again. “He had an erection, Gabe. He was hard as a rock.”

“Did you make him hard?” Gabe’s voice sounded scratchy.


“Did he make you wet?”

She whimpered. Thoughts of Connor’s mouth, of his hard dick pressed against her belly, were still making her wet. And frustrated. She needed relief, needed something to take the ache and the want and the hunger away. “Very. Very, very wet.”

His kiss had made her more than wet. It had made her, quite unexpectedly, yearn for something permanent, something long lasting. Something more than just sex.

Gabe slipped another finger in, reminding her that, for now, sex would do just fine, thank you very much. Her slick entry offered no resistance and she rocked on his hand, desperate to get him deeper, to feel him move inside her.

“It’s not just Connor, Gabe. I’m this wet because of you too, because you turn me on, you make me hot.” Oh crap, did he ever make her hot. There might not be visions of wedding dresses and white picket fences with Gabe, but there sure were images of frenzied sex and wild orgasms. “Because I know you’re about to fuck me, and I can’t wait. Not one more minute.”

Gabe pulled his fingers out and plunged them back inside her. At the same time, he rubbed her clit with his thumb. He kept up the sensual assault as he got to his knees. “Be honest, baby. Be very honest now. Is it me you want to fuck—or Connor?”

Maddie was past even questioning her need to tell him the truth. Gabe’s fingers had her so far beyond the point of sanity she was seconds away from coming. She answered without thinking. “Both of you. I want you both to fuck me.”


I’ll let you know dates as soon as I have them.