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A full house beats a pair any day.

It’s been six weeks since Trev Greenfield’s casual lover, Max Ashberg left on his business trip. In that time Trev’s realized two things. He’s head-over-heels in love with Max, and he’s falling for his new housemate, Grace Miles.

Max has missed Trev like crazy. It’s time to lay his cards on the table and convince Trev they’d make a top pair. Trev’s looking for a housemate, and Max has the perfect candidate – himself. But Max’s game plan is shattered when he discovers a woman living in the room he’d tagged as his own.

Grace never meant to fall for her new roomie, but the chemistry between them is too powerful to ignore. When the chemistry turns to live electricity in the midst of a power failure, there’s no denying the spark that flares between the two of them. There’s also no denying the shock when Grace walks in on Trev in bed…with a man.

Now Trev has to up the ante. If he can introduce Max and Grace up to all the delicious possibilities that lie before them, there’ll be no limit to what the three of them can accomplish together.

Warning: There’s a lot of sex in this book. I mean a lot! Hot sex. Sweaty sex. Gay sex. Straight sex. Ménage sex (M/M/F and M/F/M). Oh, and romantic sex. Lots of romantic sex. Hot romantic sex. Sweaty romantic sex. Gay romantic sex… You getting the picture?

(Please note: This book has been previously published.)


Trapped. With her hands behind her back!

And damn it, by the gleam in Trev’s eye, that was exactly how he wanted her.

He closed the distance between them in a heartbeat. Before Grace could draw breath again, Trev captured her lips with his.

She opened her mouth to blast him, and Trev took full advantage, slipping his tongue between her lips. Just like that he began a serious assault on her senses.

No. She would not kiss him back. Ever. Would not respond in any way or form to his exquisite gentleness. Would not caress his tongue the way he caressed hers. Would not explore the secret delights of his mouth the way he explored hers.

She would not enjoy this moment in any manner. She’d keep so still, he’d have no choice but to withdraw, sensing her disinterest. Because now that she knew he was…whatever the hell he was, she was no longer interested.

Grace kept so still even her eyes refused to open after she blinked.

See? She could do this. She could fend off the gay man. Bi man. Fend off the man who’d made her orgasm with the very tongue that now seduced her mouth. The very man who’d orgasmed before her eyes—with a penis in his ass.

A penis. Just like the one that now pressed against her belly, growing firmer by the second.

Okay, so maybe she couldn’t suppress the moan that threatened to erupt from her throat. But that was a moan of defiance. Of anger. How dare Trev kiss her? And with the same mouth he’d used to kiss someone else, on the exact same night? Deplorable.

The moan must have disturbed Trev, because he pulled his face away—an inch.

“God,” he rasped. “You smell so good.” He buried his nose in her neck and inhaled.


“I’m so used to Max. To his cologne.” He inhaled again. “You’re like a breath of air. A vanilla-scented delight.” As he spoke his breath tickled her throat. “You make me want to lick you all over.”

She tensed her shoulders. “Go lick Max. Leave me alone.”

“I could lick you both.”

Grace jumped when the tip of his tongue touched the pulse that beat in her throat, just below her ear. And licked. A small lick, but a lick nevertheless.

No, damn it. She wasn’t enjoying it. Not one single bit of it. She wasn’t leaning her head a little over to the side to give him better access. She wished he’d get the hell out of her room. Go away and leave her alone. She wished—

He nipped her neck.

Oh, dear God. Yes, she wished. She wished with all her heart.

Her pussy filled with liquid heat.

Trev groaned, the sound echoing in her ear and vibrating over her skin. “Not just vanilla.” He dragged in a deep breath. “That scent. Something else. Something…richer. Sweeter.”

Push him away.

She couldn’t. Her hands were caught between her back and the wall.

Knee him in the nuts.

Brilliant idea!

She tried. God help her, she tried, but the second she bent her leg and lifted her knee, he slipped his thigh between hers and pressed it against her crotch.

Fuck. No panties!

She’d removed them on the way to Trev’s room, determined to pick up where they’d left off before her date. Before the big discovery. Plus, she had on a wispy skirt, one that simply feathered over Trev’s thigh, so when his leg pressed against her crotch, nothing interfered. Nothing.

The tiny hairs covering his leg tickled her pussy, and the liquid that had pooled between her legs trickled out, dripping onto his bare flesh.

Trev panted in her ear. “That scent. It’s you, Gracie. It’s all you.” He rocked his thigh against her, his skin dragging torturously over her sensitive lips and her clit.

Wetter than she’d ever believed possible, Grace could only gasp at the commotion his leg set off in her center.

“I have to touch you. Have to smell you. Lick you. Taste you.”

Grace’s eyes popped open as his hand skimmed up her naked thigh and over her butt cheek. Her distress quadrupled as she found herself staring into the bluest pair of eyes she’d ever seen.

Her initial perception of Trev had been one of masculine perfection. She’d been convinced no one else could compare. Yet the man who filled her doorway, clad in jeans and nothing else, his shoulders as wide as a football field, was just as handsome, and several inches taller.

Taller than Trev? As it was, Trev towered over her. In his arms she felt as petite as a porcelain doll. But Trev’s lover stood well over six feet, and every inch of that height was jam-packed full of hulking muscle. His piercing blue gaze was fixed on her face, his eyes hooded and his luscious, full, red lips fixed in a frown.

Dear God, the man was breathtakingly beautiful. Every woman’s fantasy come to life.

“Max,” she whispered, shock burying itself deep in her bones.


divider1-white“Give me a minute to wipe the drool off of my chin. Jess Dee has written a book that will make you squirm in your seat in all the best ways!The sex scenes are so damn hot, you’ll be lucky if your e-reader comes through without a power surge. Ms. Dee proves her talent in Full House with strong, likable characters, a terrific story and some of the best erotic scenes I’ve had the pleasure of reading.

 (Reviewed by Silla Beaumont.)

JERR: Five Stars


divider1-white“This story is full of all kinds of good naughty.”

(Gigi, Samhain Cafe)

“I finished this earlier today and loved it. It was my favorite kind of naughty.”

(Valerie, Samhain Cafe)


divider1-white“It’s rare to find books like this, that showcases such phenomenal characters and so much depth to the characters, and yet is full of so many sex scenes… Ms. Dee has done an amazing job of telling this fantastic story about three people struggling to define their relationship and find a balance to that relationship. Throwing in a lot of smoking hot sex scenes makes this book, and series, a definite winner for me.”

(Reviewed by Jacquelyn R Ward)

The Romance Studio: Five Hearts


divider1-white“Just finished Full House & Wow!!! What a HOT HOT HOT book! I want Max & Trev for myself *grin*”

(Bookfan, Twitter)


divider1-white“This is a very hot story, and one that I would recommend to anyone… Ms Dee has brought romance to a higher level of hot, and I hope she continues to gift us with love and passion like this one.”

(Reviewed by Holly)

Whipped Cream Reviews: Four and a Half Cherries


divider1-white“This book starts hot and ends the same way! Jess Dee has done it again. With the final installment in her Three of a Kind series she really delivers the steam and most importantly the romance. Get ready for a sexy, steamy romance with lots of sex and love between three. Heed the warning this one is scorching!”

(Kelly, Samhain Review)


divider1-whiteNot only will Trev and Max’s strong relationship keep romance readers happy, but the amazing scenes between them will please erotic readers. And their interaction with Grace is hot enough for any ménage fan! Just be sure to have a cool drink around when curling up with Full House, because this is sure to raise some body heat.

(Reviewed by Vicky)

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews: Five Hearts


divider1-white“The chemistry between Gracie, Trev and Max is phenomenal, shows us just what we would do for our loves. The love just pours out of this book, it was more than just excellent wonderful sex. Once again Jess Dee has a written a winner!”

(Ivelisse, Samhain Review)


divider1-whiteI can count on one hand with fingers left over the number of authors that can deliver a ménage story that is not only erotically hot but emotionally believable as well. Jess Dee is at the top of the list.

(Reviewed by T)

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Book Facts

Series: Three Of A Kind, Book 3

Publisher: Book Boutiques

Publication Date: 17 June, 2017

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Length: 109 pages

ISBN-13: 9781946363688

Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs



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