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The higher the stakes, the harder they fall—in love.

Julia Savage’s weekly poker games are tearing her apart. She’s in love with two of her fellow card players, and much as she’d like to pick and confess her true feelings to one man, she won’t. Not if it means risking the love of the other.

Hunter Miles has wanted Julia for four months, and he’s about to deal a hand she couldn’t see coming. He’s going to seduce her—in front of his friend and rival for her affections, Jay Baxter.

Jay’s not willing to lay down his cards. He’s going after Julia too, and he’s not above bluffing to get what he wants. Either way, one of them is going to win her over.

Unless they change the rules of the game. If they double up, there’s a chance they can split the pot…

Warning: This book contains two hunky heroes, a heroine worth betting on, sizzling hot three way action (m/f/m and m/m/f), a whole lot of unexpected fireworks, and a New Year’s Eve to remember.

(Please note: This book has been previously published)


She made sure that was exactly how Jay found her. On her knees, on the carpet, with her lips wrapped around Hunter’s shaft.

God, he tasted good. Clean and musky, with an occasional salty drop for flavor.

Hunter lay on the bed with his legs hanging over the side. His upper body rested on his arms so he could watch Julia at work. The air was filled with his soft, encouraging murmurs.

Julia’s one hand held the base of his penis, the other caressed his balls. His cock was slightly thicker than Jay’s, but just as delectable.

Julia felt someone’s gaze on her back and turned to find Jay standing butt-naked by the bathroom door.

“Fuck,” he swore hoarsely and strode over to the bed where he dropped to his knees beside Julia.

She swirled her tongue around the tip of Hunter’s dick, watching Jay’s face the entire time.

“Jesus, Jules,” Jay gasped. “If I thought I fancied you before, I reckon I’m falling in love with you now.” He did not take his gaze off her mouth.

Her heart lurched beneath her breast, but she forced herself not to get too excited by his words, no matter how much she loved him. After all, they were being said in the heat of passion. Nevertheless, still holding Hunter’s cock in her hand, she lifted her face to Jay’s, inviting him to kiss her.

He did so, hungrily, and when he pulled away and motioned for her to return to Hunter, her lips were swollen and puffy.

Hunter let out a loud groan. “I reckon I’m falling pretty damn hard myself.”

He dropped backwards onto the bed as Julia sucked his cock into her mouth again, tickled pink by his confession. She loved Hunter too. She had for the last four months. Once again she warned herself not to get her hopes up. There was very little a man wouldn’t say when a woman knelt at his feet.

Hunter flung an arm over his eyes and thrust his hips upwards, filling her mouth. She had to relax every muscle in her throat to fit his dick in.

Jay breathed heavily beside her. “Watching you blow Hunter is giving me a hard-on from hell.”

Julia smiled around Hunter’s shaft and stilled his movements with her hand. She drew away from him then dipped her head back to lick off the precome that leaked from his cock head. Without swallowing, she turned back to Jay and offered him her mouth. She was mildly surprised by the greed with which Jay kissed her, licking the offering from her tongue. Mildly surprised and majorly aroused.

She squeezed another drop from Hunter and repeated the process. This time when Jay’s lips met hers, he groaned low in his throat.

Keeping her gaze on Jay’s face, she held Hunter’s dick in her hand and licked it from the base up to the tip and then back down again. Twice she did it, and then a third time, conscious of Jay staring, his eyes glazed with hunger.

Perhaps it took her a few seconds to see the truth because her glasses were off. But once she noticed it, she couldn’t deny the fact. It wasn’t just her mouth Jay ogled. It was Hunter’s penis as well. Hunter’s delectable penis.

She licked the head of his dick and then paused to watch Jay.

He licked his lips.

She did it again

He licked his lips again.

Her pussy tightened.

Jay wanted Hunter’s dick.

Ever so slowly she raised her head. While still holding Hunter’s shaft, she tilted it, offering it to Jay.

Jay didn’t move an inch. Indecision flashed across his face, made obvious by his frown.

Julia pursed her lips and sucked Hunter into her mouth, sliding her lips up and down, making him mumble on the bed. She watched Jay while she feasted.

He watched Hunter’s dick.

When he bit his lower lip and his tongue flashed over it, soothing the reddened spot, Julia pulled away, and once again offered him Hunter’s penis.

This time he faltered for a second. Then he leaned over and swiped his tongue over the tip of the proffered cock.

Blood raced to Julia’s head, making her dizzy. In her entire life she had never seen anything as mesmerizing.

Jay did it again and then again.

Hunter writhed and his hips surged up, as though asking for more.

Jay obliged. Tentatively he opened his mouth and lowered his lips over Hunter’s shaft. They touched Julia’s fingers, and she released her grasp on Hunter, giving Jay free rein.

Hunter let out a long breath. His arm still covered his eyes, but his lower body was moving now, thrusting up into Jay’s mouth.

God, Julia thought, stunned. She was watching Jay go down on Hunter. A man on a man. The one man she loved doing the other man she loved. It was shocking. Scandalous. It was outrageous. And fascinating. And hot. Oh, dear Lord, the very sight turned her on almost more than sleeping with both of them did.

Julia pushed her hand against her pussy, hoping to ease the sudden ache between her legs. Desire burned within, growing hotter as Jay devoured Hunter. Jay’s face was a study in concentration. His eyes were closed, as though he relished the experience. With each bob of his head, Jay’s confidence seemed to grow, his movements became faster, his expression more intent.

She closed her other hand around Jay’s penis, stunned to find it harder than ever, with a vein pulsing tangibly through it.

“Jules,” Hunter cried. “Fuck, Jules!” he flung his head from side to side, his eyes still closed. “That feels unbelievable.”

Jay froze. His eyes popped open.

“No.” Hunter panted. “Christ, don’t stop.”


divider1-white“I applaud Ms. Dee on an impressively well written and fully developed story. The characters were realistic, flawed and very inventive. The sex was intense and graphic… I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and will have to try out another of Ms. Dee’s novels.”

 (Reviewed by Shalanda)

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divider1-white“Ms Dee does an awesome job of pulling you into this unique relationship between two very HOT men and one lucky woman. The emotions shown by all three involved make you feel like you are there with them. I could not put this book down, desperate to know if they would “go all in”. If you love hot books, you cannot go wrong with this one.”

(Reviewed by Tuberose)

Whipped Cream Reviews: Five Cherries


divider1-white“Two thumbs up to Ms. Dee for providing us with a luminous, tantalizing story in which the stakes are high and the characters are willing to lose everything in order to overcome their fears and embrace their inhibitions in hope of finding love and a Happily Ever After.  I would definitely recommend Going All In to my friends.”

(Reviewed by AJ)

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divider1-whiteGoing All In is a story worth the gamble. The stakes are high. The passion is phenomenal! Jess Dee is like an old lover–the more you have the better she gets. Going All In just shows you how good she really is.”

(Reviewed by Deb)

Dark DIva Reviews: Four and a half Delightful Divas


divider1-white“From the first kiss to the last—and every kiss in between—Going All In will enchant you… I was lost in lust when Hunter and Jay…well…um…. Maybe you should just read the book.

(Reviewed by Theresa)

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Book Facts

Series: Three Of A Kind, Book 1

Publisher: Book Boutiques

Publication Date: 20 April, 2017

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Length: 82 pages

ISBN: 978-1-946363-63-3

Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs



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