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From the Bandicoot Cove Anthology. (Also featuring novellas from Vivian Arend and Lexxie Couper and Jess Dee.)

(The unofficial prequel to Office Affair.)


“My room is just down there.” Sienna pointed, her voice breathless.

Ah. A beachside bungalow. Figured. Kylie would have saved the best for her best friends. His own suite was situated in the staff quarters. Nothing to sneeze at, but a million miles away from here. “Condoms are in my room,” he told her, wondering why the fuck he didn’t carry one around in his pocket at all times.

New rule. From this second on always carry a condom. Always. No question.

Her lips curved into a sexy grin. “I have some.”

Josh faltered midstep. “You do?”

“There’s a box in the bathroom. Compliments of the hotel.”

“So, they’re not yours?”

She shook her head.

Unquestionable relief stole through him. They weren’t hers. Which meant she hadn’t come here with the intention of having sex.

“I didn’t think to bring any,” she confessed. Her lips twitched as she looked on ahead, steering him towards her bungalow. “I don’t usually use condoms with my vibrator.”

Josh tripped. Over his own feet. Fuck, she hadn’t even blushed when she’d said that.

Sienna turned to steady him. “You okay?”

Christ, the way her eyes danced, mischief painted all over her delectable face, her freckles standing out… “You said that on purpose,” he accused. “Just to get a reaction out of me.”

Why on earth had he ever thought her eyes were the color of a summer sky? Right now they looked black. Her pupils were enormous, dark spheres rimmed with navy.

“Did I get a reaction?” she asked with the tiniest hint of a smirk.

Jesus, what happened to the naïve kid he’d known in school? “Did you want one?”

She shrugged sweetly. “Only if it promises more satisfaction than my vibrator.”


He couldn’t take another second of her teasing. Of her subtle scent that drifted through his nose with hints of cinnamon. Of her creamy white skin, so silky, just begging to be touched. He couldn’t take one more second.

With more speed than he knew he possessed, he backed her up against the trunk of a palm tree, stepped in close—so close she’d have no doubt of the satisfaction his response could provide—and slanted his mouth over hers.

The little minx was ready for him, her lips soft, warm, welcoming and…parted.

Holy fuck! She’d parted her lips for him, inviting his tongue in, leaving the hot, sweet cavern of her mouth open to his exploration.

Her taste hit him with the force of a cannonball, smashing into his chest, winding him. Sweet and tangy, like strawberries and rum. And salty, like the sea air. Innocence, mischief and…sadness, all rolled into one.

He could taste all that on her tongue? Sadness? Why?

Then she whimpered against his lips, and his thoughts scattered. She twined a leg around his, hooking her foot around his ankle, pressing her groin into his and lining her pussy up with his cock.

He hadn’t been kidding earlier when he’d said if she’d touched him, even once, when they were younger, it’d have been game over in a second. Suddenly he was that horny kid all over again. The determined teenager, aroused and desperate for a taste of her, a feel of her, knowing he could never have her.

She slid her hand between their bodies, cupping his dick through his boardies, making him groan savagely into her mouth.

The sound must have motivated her. Less than a second later the same hand was dipping beneath the waistband of his shorts and caressing his bare, aching penis. Here, in the open, standing just on the side of a public pathway, where God knew who could walk past. Anyone.

Anyone. And she was holding his dick in her palm, petting it.

Christ. Fuck. Holy shit.

She was in his arms, pressing her body against him, wrapping her hand around his erection, and damned if he wasn’t on the verge of ending the game right now.

He wrenched his lips from hers, his eyes scrunched shut, pain shooting through his balls.

Fuck, release. He needed release. Needed to come.

“Let go. Quick,” he rasped. Whoa. Close. Way too close. “Say something, anything. Get my mind off fucking you, or it’s not gonna happen.”

Her hand was an instrument of torture, releasing him in tiny, tormenting strokes. Her breath came in shallow gasps, her breasts scraping against his chest with every inhalation.

Not helping. Not one little bit. “Princess, fuck, say something.”

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Adolescent fantasies can grow into very adult realities.

Bandicoot Cove, Book 4

Sienna James has come to Bandicoot Cove to mourn the end of her eight-year relationship with Ben Cowley. The last person she expects to meet is the star of every one of her high school fantasies.

Joshua Lye is not only as appealing as he was in high school, he reveals she was the main feature in his adolescent wet dreams. As kids they never got it together. But they’re adults now, and there’s nothing keeping them apart.

When Ben arrives at the resort determined to win Sienna back, finding another man in her bed kind of throws a spanner in the works. But he isn’t deterred. Rather than admit defeat, he comes up with an alternative plan: Let Sienna sleep with both men—at the same time. Then she can make an informed decision as to which man she wants

Sienna shouldn’t want to go through with this shockingly sexy plan, but she does. Desperately. Except after the sexual storm passes, she could have it all…or be left holding an empty heart.

Warning: Contains a suggestion beyond risqué, a solution beyond orgasmic, and two men who know how to play dirty. Really, really dirty.


divider1-white“It’s a perfect combination of explicit, luscious eroticism, heartbreaking emotions and awesome writing skills. It was an awesome, almost perfect, story that just checked all the right boxes with me. It moved me to tears, it aroused me to combustion and it resonated deeply, even after having finished reading it!”

(Reviewed by Pearl)

Pearl’s World of Romance: 9.7/10


divider1-white“A smoking hot tale of reality and fantasy colliding. What red-blooded woman wouldn’t be drawn to this story?”

(Reviewed by Nix)

Scorching Book Reviews: Five Stars


divider1-whiteIsland Idyll is a sultry erotic novel filled with so much emotion…a fabulously fierce story.

(Reviewed by Miranda)

Joyfully Reviewed:

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Book Facts

Series: Bandicoot Cove, Book 4

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Publication Date: September 20, 2011

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Length: 108 pages

ISBN-13: 9781609285296

Cover Artist: Kanaxa



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