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One sip of passion leaves them thirsty for more…

Declan called off his wedding after acknowledging he liked both women and men—well, one man in particular. His friend and partner, Noah. Caught up in guilt after breaking his fiancé’s heart and almost ruining his relationship and partnership with Noah, Declan’s been so preoccupied with living the life he’s expected to lead, he’s ignored his heart…and other organs.

Noah has waited long enough for Declan to accept they were meant to be together. He’s taken the situation into his own hands and dragged Declan to the Hunter Valley. And he’s invited Violet to join them at a luxury vineyard hotel, under the guise of a working weekend, in order to tempt Declan further.

Convincing the man he loves and the beguiling woman with honey-gold hair to consider his proposal is going to be tough, but Noah is ready to take them both on and make sure they all come out on top…at least once.

(Please note: This book has been previously published)


With a growl born of desperation and agony, he wheeled around, and once again stormed off, disappearing through that same bedroom door and leaving nothing behind but the sound of the banging door.

“Declan!” Violet let her anguish show in the frantic way she cried his name.

He didn’t answer.


“I’m right here, baby.” His voice was soothing, but not enough.

“I-I can’t do this without him.” She didn’t want to do it without Declan. Not when everything she felt for Noah was all tangled up with everything she felt for Declan.

Besides, Declan had started this. Brought her to this level. Kissed her, seduced her, aroused her and made her half-crazy with yearning for him and Noah. Then he’d handed her over to Noah—and left. “He’s part of it. Part of you and me.”

“Shh.” Noah kissed her cheek, letting his soft lips play against it. His fingers, still buried inside her, had stilled. “He’ll be back. As much as he doesn’t want to acknowledge how he feels about us, he won’t be able to help himself.”

A crashing noise echoed from behind the closed door.

“He wants you, baby,” Noah reassured her. “As much as I do.” He pressed his palm flat against her clit and rubbed in gentle circles, his fingers moving by default.

She closed her eyes against the pleasure of his touch and the pain of Dec’s departure, and let her head fall back on Noah’s shoulder.

“He’ll be back because he wants me too,” Noah soothed. “As much as I want him.”

“I want you too, Noah.” Admitting as much after all this time was difficult, but denying the truth was impossible. “I have since that first meeting we had, two years ago. I want you so much, but…but I want him too.”

“I know. He makes us work. He’ll be back. I promise.”

Another crash echoed through the closed door.

“Count to ten,” Noah whispered.

His hand continued its hypnotic motion, and as much as Violet ached for Declan, she couldn’t deny the thrill or gratification Noah gave her. He thrust his fingers inside her, counting each time he did so. “One… Two… Three…”

Noah reached eight before the door was flung open. And there was Declan, stalking across the room again, his stride and expression filled with angry intent.

He came to a standstill between their legs, leaned down and right there, beside Violet, he kissed the other man. Just smashed his lips against Noah’s.

Book Facts

Series: Days Of Wine And Roses, Book 3

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Publication Date: 17 July, 2017

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Length: 171 pages

ISBN-13: 9781640630345

Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde Media



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