I hope you have a chilled bottle of white ready, coz I’m totally raising a glass to my latest release, Summer Wine.


Set on a vineyard in the gorgeous Hunter Valley near Sydney, Summer Wine kicks off a brand new series of red-hot erotic romances, called Tastes Of Seduction.


SUMMER WINE: The blurb

Two men, one woman, and a romantic vineyard. Summer’s never been this hot…

 Tastes of Seduction, Book 1

 Angus Lowe feels like he’s just stepped onto the set of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. He’s checking out a luxurious boutique hotel and winery, lured by the possibility of landscaping the gardens. And he’s crazy mad about the woman giving him the tour.

Problem is, Lily Hemington is way out of his league. Not only does she live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, she is also crazy mad about the owner of the hotel, Blake Seymour.

Issues get cloudier—or could that be steamier?—when Angus meets Blake. It’s clear Blake has deep feelings for Lily, but it’s also obvious he can’t take his eyes off Angus. While Angus doesn’t find this at all unpleasant, he’s painfully aware Lily and Blake are perfect for each other, and that he doesn’t belong in their perfect world.

Now it’s up to Lily and Blake to convince Angus the only world that counts is the one they all create together.

Warning: This book should be enjoyed with a bottle of chilled white wine. You’ll need it to cool down when the heat among these three characters burns out of control.

A quick, hot teaser:

Blake’s tongue in her mouth and Angus’s finger in her pussy. Dear Lord, could it get any better?

A harsh groan broke through the silence, followed by a sharp inhalation of breath. “Ah, fuck…” Angus’s voice was hoarse, rough.

Lily cracked her eyes open.

His head was thrown back, his eyes were closed and his chest shuddered with heavy breaths. Every muscle in his body had tensed and his mouth was rounded in an O of bliss. He looked like a God, like an Adonis standing on the cusp of ecstasy.

Spellbound, she dragged her mouth from Blake’s to look her fill. To admire the magnificence of the man.

And then she understood his tension, his excitement.

Angus’s zip was undone, his jeans and boxers shoved partly over his hips. His thick erection was nestled in Blake’s sturdy grasp.


Summer Wine is available now at Samhain, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or your favorite online bookstore!

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