Chapter One

Daniel Tanner was a man who knew what he wanted, and what he wanted most lay naked on his bed, quivering in the aftermath of her second orgasm. The first two he’d given freely. The third, she’d have to work for.

Her taste lingered in his mouth, a mixture of woman, honey, and sex. He resisted the urge to lean down and taste her again. Instead, his gaze swept over her body, taking in the swollen breasts, their dusky-pink nipples puckered into tight beads. Her chest rose and fell in unison with her long, hard puffs, and her toned, shapely thighs were spread in invitation. The damp cleft between her legs glistened, and Daniel thought he might well have a heart attack if he didn’t fuck her soon.

He ran a finger over her engorged clit, and her hips bucked.


Her gaze locked with his as he brought his finger to his mouth and licked. Green eyes turned hazy with desire, and she moaned out loud.

He raked his fingers lightly over her breasts.

“Daniel, please.” She pushed her chest up, begging for more. Color tinged her cheeks, she twisted the sheets with her fists, and her hair spilled over the pillow in a tangled cloud. She’d never looked sexier.
Emotion washed through him, so powerful he shook. He’d fantasized about this moment forever and could hardly believe it was finally happening.

Yeah, babe?” He knew what she wanted but still waited for her to beg.

“Oh…” Frustration flashed across her face, and he couldn’t repress his slow, satisfied smile. She was in no state to talk, not after what he’d just done to her. He’d give her another minute. Watching her writhe was almost as arousing as watching her come.

“Please,” she said again and moaned.

“What do you want?” he whispered.


“Show me.”

She whimpered and twisted the sheets again. With a strangled cry, she brought her hands up and cupped her breasts. Her fingers worked desperately at the taut peaks, pinching and kneading until she moaned aloud.

Blood shot to Daniel’s cock. A muffled groan caught in his throat, and he rasped, “How does that feel?”

“So…good.” The tip of her tongue touched her lower lip.

His heart heaved, and his body went into overdrive. “Hey, sweetheart.” He drew his finger through her slick folds. She looked at him with pupils so dilated the emerald irises were barely visible. “You want more?”

She gave a vague nod.

“Want my finger?” He dipped it inside, and she jerked against his hand.

She shook her head.

“How about if I kiss you again?” He leaned down and licked her, replacing his finger with his tongue.

She shivered.

“No.” Her voice drifted from a million miles away.

“So what is it you want?” He licked her again and then again because, quite frankly, she tasted too good to stop.

“You,” she moaned. “I want you.”

“How?” She was so wet, so hot.


“Tell me how you want me.” He tongued her again.

Her hands left her breasts and wound through his hair, tugging until the mild sting forced his head up. She pulled him into position so he lay on top of her, his face inches from hers.

Their eyes met.

Could she see what she did to him? Was the raw emotion gripping his gut visible to her? She knew everything about him. Was it possible she didn’t know he loved her?

Full breasts pressed into his chest, her nipples hard against his bare skin. She shifted her legs an inch so he slid between her thighs. The tip of his cock brushed her slit, and he bit the inside of his cheek, praying the pain would dampen his urgency.

Pulling his face down, she opened her lips under his and kissed him. The deep, thorough movement of her mouth inflamed him until he blazed with hunger and need.

He had to have her—possess her—so she could know, once and for all, she was his.

“Tell me what you want, babe.” Whatever it was, he’d give it to her.

“You.” She kissed him again, her mouth warm and intoxicating. “I want you”—she sucked on his lip and then bit it—“to make love to me.”

Exquisite pain shot from his mouth to his groin. He barely had time to register it before she shimmied her hips and raked her fingernails down his back.


Daniel was pretty sure she drew blood, but he didn’t give a damn. The only thing he cared about was burying himself inside her hot, wet core. He edged the tip of his cock in and groaned in pleasure.

“Now, Danny.” There was a frantic quality to her voice. She spread her legs wider and took him in deeper. “Do it.”

His restraint fractured. With a skilled, desperate thrust, he filled her.


Nothing in his life had ever felt this good or this right. This was where he belonged.

Moving slowly, he slid all the way out and then back in again. Twice. Three times. Then out. He stopped. Just to prolong the sweet agony of it all.

She writhed beneath him.

He held himself still, his weight resting on his lower arms. His muscles corded and tensed as he watched her. Sweat beaded on his forehead and behind his shoulders.

“Daniel…please.” Her hand sneaked between their hips. It pressed against him, circled his dick and then moved on to caress his balls.

He groaned out loud and lost it altogether. Grinding his pelvis into hers, he buried himself so deep in her hot body he had to grit his teeth to stop from coming. Unable to suppress his need for her, he pulled out and plunged into her again and again, in long, deep movements.

Meeting him thrust for thrust, she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, opening herself up to him.

Gratified, he moved harder, faster, relishing her excited moans.

The feel of her, hot and tight and wet, encasing him in her velvety depths, the friction against his rigid cock…it was all too incredible. His body moved of its own accord, faster, faster, harder, harder, until her muscles clamped down violently and she screamed his name as spasm after spasm rocked her body.

He gave one last mighty thrust. His balls tightened, and his body stilled. Pleasure slammed through him.

“I love you, Amy!” Daniel came, his climax potent as he emptied himself into her shivering depth. Again and again, he shuddered as the last drops of come drained from his body.

Finally. He’d finally branded her. She was his. There was no way she was getting away from him now.

Daniel shuddered one last time, collapsed on top of her, and woke up.

For several minutes, he lay still, panting on his bed—alone.

“God damn it.” He curled his fingers into frustrated fists and pounded the bed. “Damn it!”

It was only Tuesday, and he’d had the dream twice this week. How much more torture did one man have to endure? Enough already. He wanted the real thing. All this dreaming about fucking Amy was doing his head in.

It was the damn assignment he’d been working on. The photo shoot made him face issues he wasn’t ready to face and think about things he’d long since suppressed.

A primal growl sounded deep in his throat. The images from the dream still reverberated through his head, leaving him aroused and uncomfortable. He was hard and hurting, and there was only one thing—one woman—who could take away the pain.

She just didn’t know it.

Daniel threw off the sheets, marched into the bathroom, and turned on the shower. He adjusted the temperature and pressure until burning streams of water jettisoned over his knotted back and shoulders.

He’d always loved her. At fourteen years of age, Daniel had lost his heart forever. He’d taken one look at the beautiful adolescent girl and known one day in the future, they’d be together. But teenagers didn’t make lifelong commitments. Hell, they could barely cope with month-long commitments. So Daniel had done the next best thing. He’d committed to being Amy’s friend. And for the last seventeen years, she’d been his best mate, his confidante, and secretly, his greatest love.

Good sex and short flings with other women had fulfilled every desire, every need he’d had. But now everything was different. Now Amy was the only one he wanted. He just had to prove it to her.
Daniel scrubbed his body clean, praying the lingering arousal brought on by the dream would be washed away with the soapy water. He didn’t hold much hope. All he needed to do was think about Amy and he’d be hard again.

It was time to take their friendship to a new level — a more meaningful one. His recent photo shoot at the pediatric cancer ward had taught him life was too short to screw around. If he wanted something, he had to chase it, grab it, and hold on for all he was worth. And Daniel wanted Amy. It was time to act on the feelings he’d developed as a teenager. Only he intended to turn them into very adult actions.
There was one problem.

Convincing Amy to fall in love with him was going to be the most difficult—and most important—task he’d ever undertaken. He couldn’t fail.

She was too comfortable in their friendship and too freaked out by men in general to consider him anything more than her best mate. Her beliefs that significant others neither stuck around nor valued commitment were cemented by personal experience. Since Simon the asshole had cheated on her, she’d lost trust in men in general. Not surprising really, since Simon’s behavior mirrored her father’s actions of several years before.

Though Amy trusted Daniel with her life, her conviction in his inability to commit meant she’d never trust him with her heart.

How could he explain that the last three months had changed him? That memories he’d put aside decades ago, traumatic issues he’d sorted out as a boy, had come careening back, devastating him with their clarity?

Daniel switched off the shower and dried himself before grabbing his phone. He dialed his sister and, without preamble, launched into conversation when she picked up. “Hey, Lex. Remember our conversation a few days ago? About Amy?”

“Mmm-hmm,” came Lexi’s sleepy response. “How could I forget?”

“I’m ready to put my plan into action.”

“You are?” Her voice was alert now.

“Yep. Are you?”

“I’ll need a little time. Can you give me a week?”

“I’ll give you two. Maybe we can make it coincide with your birthday?”

Daniel could almost see her nod as she answered. “Good idea.”

“Great. Now, one thing. Don’t tell Mum. You know her. She’ll be arranging a wedding before you’ve even put the phone down.”

“Can I at least tell Sarah?”

Daniel blanched at the thought of letting their older sister in on their plans. “Hell, no. She’ll pack up Ben’s old cot and entire baby wardrobe and deposit them all at my flat by sunset.”

Lexi laughed before her tone became serious. “You sure you’re ready for this, Danno? We both know your plan could backfire.”

A muscle worked in his jaw. If his plan was successful, Amy would be his best friend and lover. If it failed, she could wind up being neither.

The thought made him sick to his stomach.

“I’m sure.” He’d never been more ready for anything in his life.

There was a moment of silence before Lexi said, “Right. Let’s stop wasting time. We have a seduction to plan, and I intend to see it through to the end.”

The tension in his ribs eased. He even managed to smile. “I appreciate your help, Lex. But if this ends the way I intend it to, you definitely won’t be there to see it.”

Lexi snorted. “Can I at least be a bridesmaid?”

“Now you sound like Mum and Sarah. Get out of bed. It’s time to go to the hospital. You have work to do.”

Daniel heard the grin in Lexi’s voice. “Yes, I do. And for a change, it has nothing to do with sick children.”

He said good-bye with a smile and severed the connection. With the help of his sister, Daniel was about to change his own future and that of his best friend’s, the woman he loved, irrevocably.

“Hold on tight, Amy Morgan. You’re in for the ride of your life.”

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He has a plan she can’t refuse

Daniel Tanner’s been in love with Amy since they were teenagers. If she would only give him a chance to show her how good they could be together, he could convince her the fiery attraction between them won’t burn up and ruin their friendship.

Amy Morgan’s had a front row seat to the parade of women coming in and out of Daniel’s life for years, so she’s not interested in risking what they have for something that would eventually end with her heart being broken by her best friend. And life has taught her broken hearts is the way love always ends.

But no one knows Amy better than Daniel, and he’s devised a plan to show her they can have it all.

(This book has been previously published as Photo Opportunity.)

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Book Facts

Series: Seduction Series, Book 1

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Publication Date: 30 January, 2017

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Length: 217 Pages

ISBN-13: 9781633757929

Cover Artist: Erin Dameron-Hill



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