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Two men, one woman, and a romantic vineyard. Summer’s never been this hot…

Angus knows he shouldn’t go to the Hunter Valley to check out a potential landscaping job with Lily. He has a wide range of tastes—including men and women—but he doesn’t stand a chance with Lily. Not only is she out of his league, she’s also crazy over Blake, the owner of the luxurious boutique hotel and winery they’re visiting.

Sparks fly when Blake and Angus meet, and it’s soon clear the three of them could enjoy a debaucherous weekend. A couple of days of uninhibited fun is one thing, but Angus knows while Blake and Lily are suited for one another, he’s a tradesman who works in the dirt. He’s just visiting their opulent world.

It’s up to Lily and Blake to convince Angus the only world that counts is the one they build together.

(Please note: This book has been previously published)


Had thinking ever been this difficult?

Lily doubted it, but only for a second, then she stopped thinking and gave herself over to the bliss of a simple kiss. Or not-so-simple kiss, seeing as it drew all her mixed-up emotions into one big ball and dropped them in the middle of her stomach, where they lurched up and down like a rollercoaster.

Maybe she was on a rollercoaster. God knew she hit a high every time Angus slid his tongue over hers. And dipped low when he pulled away, making her pay attention, making her answer questions. She didn’t want to pay attention. Didn’t want to do anything that required active thought.

She just wanted to continue on this ride for a very, very long time.

His finger whispered over the swell of her breast, his touch so light Lily almost questioned it being there at all. Almost, except for the fact that on contact, her nipple tightened into a hard, sensitive bead, and sensation shot straight to her pussy.

Desire, sweet and pure, burst through her. And Lily wanted. Just…wanted. Hungered for more. She shifted in her seat, ground down in an effort to subdue the sudden ache in her groin, the all-consuming need and emptiness.

It was all she could think about. All she could focus on.

Well, that and the taste of wine in her mouth. Rich, decadent wine, enough to intoxicate her.

Perhaps that explained her sudden need—greed—to be touched. To find satisfaction. Perhaps she was drunk. But then, explanations weren’t important. Not now. Not when that featherlight touch that set fire to her breast trailed down her sternum and lower, tantalizing her belly like it had her nipple, leaving scalding flames blazing in its wake.

“Are you thinking about him now, Lily?”

The question was whispered in her ear, warm breath fanning down her neck, making her tingle.

Thinking about whom?

“Do you see his face when I touch you? Imagine his eyes looking at you?”

Whose face? Whose eyes?

Blake’s? Or the dark, almost black eyes that haunted her nights?

She opened her own to find that same black gaze staring down at her, the same passion she felt blazing in their depths.

“Do you?”

She’d thought of Blake, but right now… “I see your eyes.” Wow. Where’d her breath go? Why did she struggle to talk? “Your face.”

And that was about as long as she could keep her eyes open. Her lids were too heavy to continue staring into that dead-sexy, dark gaze. Especially when his touch had moved. When he now trailed his finger along the inside of her leg. Her bare leg.

How’d it get there? Hadn’t her dress covered her leg? Did it matter?

The instant her eyes closed, he kissed her again. Molded his lips to hers and tangled their tongues together.

No one had ever kissed her like Angus did, ever made the world disappear or reality recede with just the simple press of his mouth to hers. No one had—

Oh, dear Lord!

His touch was no longer comprised of one finger. No, now it was his whole hand, tickling her inner thigh just inches from her very wet panties.

Lord, how had he reached so high? More importantly, when had her legs opened to allow him access?

Even as she wondered, she drew her thighs farther apart and whimpered into his mouth. Pulses of heat throbbed through her, her need reaching fever pitch. She almost jumped off the seat when he trailed his finger along the elastic of her panties.



“Love, like a good wine, comes in so many varieties and flavors. Some are bold, while others are subtle. Some tasters may prefer one over the other and some like a little bit of both. Angus, Lily and Blake’s story is like a lovely sampling of wine and when combined the whole effect was heady and delicious.”

(Reviewed by HoneySuckle)

Long and Short Reviews: Four Stars


divider1-white“Jess Dee has made me ecstatic with the first book in her newest series, Summer Wine. Full out sexiness, with some unrequited love finally realized, and the man that brings it all together makes this book one hell of a fabulous summertime story… Thoroughly enjoyable and intensely provocative, Summer Wine by Jess Dee is a fantastic start to a new series and I can’t way to see what happens next.”

(Reviewed by Slick Reads)

Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews: A True Gem



“If you love a short love triangle with a M/M/F you will enjoy this short novel.  Of course I love everything Jess Dee writes so it was a no-brainer for me to select this book… This is hot kinky lovin at it’s best.”

(Reviewed by Geri)

We Love Kink: 4 Love Taps

Book Facts

Series: Days Of Wine And Roses, Book 1

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Publication Date: 17 July, 2017

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Length: 90 pages

ISBN-13: 9781640630321

Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde Media



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