Tastes of Seduction, the print book of Summer Wine and Red Red Wine, is now available from Samhain Publishing.


When summer love heats up, simply swirl, sip, and savor.

Summer Wine

Angus is checking out a luxurious hotel and winery, lured by the possibility of landscaping the gardens—and he’s fallen for the woman giving him the tour. Problem is, Lily’s way out of his league. Not only does she live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, she’s also in love with the owner of the hotel, Blake.

Issues get cloudier when he meets Blake, and they can’t take their eyes off each other. Still, it’s painfully obvious Angus doesn’t belong in their world…unless Lily and Blake can convince him the only world that counts is the one they all create together.

Red Red Wine

When Tori’s dream winery wedding becomes an unexpected nightmare, she turns to the one place she never expected to find comfort—a stranger’s arms.

Tori and Andrew both know theirs is a rebound affair destined to end when the week is over. But when the time comes, letting her go proves to be the hardest step Andrew’s ever had to take.

Product Warnings: This book should be enjoyed with a bottle of chilled wine. You’ll need it to cool down when the heat among the characters burns out of control.


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(BTW – Please don’t be confused if you see the word CALIFORNIA in the blurb on Amazon or B&N. This was a typo, and all effort is being made to correct the mistake. The book is set Down Under. It is 100% certified Australian romance!)


And if you’re wondering about the two books included in this print version, do these covers help?

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