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He’s totally off-limits

Circle of Friends, Book 1

Tyler Bonnard was Katie Rosewood’s best friend and lover, and when he left for a new life in London, he broke her heart. She’s finally moved on, but the six-foot-two, sexy as sin Tyler is back in Sydney, ready to turn her carefully reconstructed world upside down.

Tyler had to leave Australia all those years ago, but he’s glad to be back and get another chance with the girl who’s held his heart all these years, even though she’s moved on. If Katie’s reaction to seeing Tyler again is any indication, she’s not over him, either. But he’s not sure she’ll believe why he had to leave, or accept his apology.

(Please Note: This book has been previously published as Only Tyler)


Anticipation thrummed through his stomach. Only a couple more minutes and Tyler would see them: Steve Sommers and Katelyn Rosewood, his closest friends. All at once he couldn’t wait. He felt like charging out there, smashing through the glass in his haste. God damn, he hadn’t seen them for two years, and suddenly he was desperate. They were here: Steve, his mate since childhood, and Katie, the only woman he’d ever loved.

Christ, it would be good to be with them again. Good and bad. Really good, and, really—well, really goddamn awful.

An eternity passed before he cleared the doors, before he found himself in the massive bowels of the arrival hall. Quickly, methodically, he scanned the throngs of people, searched the faces.

There he was. The blonde hair towered above the masses, and a huge grin split his face. Steve’s arms waved madly in the air, and Tyler couldn’t suppress his answering smile. No matter what his reasons for returning, there was Steve. Sure, he’d met people in London, made a couple new pals. None of them could ever take Steve’s place. A best mate was inimitable.

And then his heart smashed into his ribs, and he stumbled. Katie.

Lord, she was more beautiful than he remembered, which was virtually impossible, since he remembered an angel. Tyler forced breath into his airless lungs. Time stood still, background noises faded to insignificance.

Sweet Katie. The last time he’d seen her, her midnight black hair had bounced around her shoulders, curly and out of control. Now it hung in a thick, straight sheet down her back, the silky strands catching in the rays of sunlight filtering through the airport windows.

Fuck, this was going to be harder than he’d ever imagined. Already he remembered the lustrous curtain of hair sweeping over his belly, tickling his thighs as she reached for him with her lips…

The urge to sprint to them dissolved. His feet became leaden weights, dragging his legs down like anchors. Each step was a struggle. Like old times, it was his buddy who came to his rescue. Steve pushed through the crowds, efficiently sidestepping luggage and travellers, to envelop Tyler in a welcoming hug.

His embrace was strong and uninhibited. “Welcome home, mate. We’ve missed you.”

“Man, it’s good to see you,” Tyler enthused, hugging him back. Damn, it was. It was frigging unbelievable.

“I’m glad you’re home,” Steve said.

“It’s good to be home,” Ty grinned, and knew that whatever happened between them in the future, their timeless friendship would always be one of the most important, most significant, relationships of his life. He’d grown up with Steve, shared his childhood with him, shared most of his life with him. Steve knew everything about him. Everything that is, except two, small issues.

Issues that had the potential to blow their tight bond all the way to hell.

Katie took a little longer to reach him. It was all he could do to hold himself back, to give her a chance to catch up with Steve. He craved her touch, yet was unprepared when Steve pulled away, when he could finally turn to her and face his fantasies. She was all woman, and even more devastating in the flesh than she was in his mind.

She swallowed, twice.

“Hello, Katie.” It was all he could manage.

“Ty.” Her voice washed over him, like hot sun heating cold skin.

Instinctively, he looked her up and down, taking in the curves of her body, the length of her endless legs. “You look well.” No, she looked drop-dead gorgeous.

“So do you.” Her gaze darted to Steve, and then back to him.

Their eyes caught and held. Hers were a perfect mix of green and brown, and they had him spellbound, like always. The air between them hummed with the echo of words uttered long ago. He couldn’t speak, could barely find the energy to move.

The memories were hidden in the subtlety of her actions, in the understated way her eyes narrowed and then widened. In the almost imperceptible nod she gave seconds before she spoke.

“So you going to give an old friend a hug, or what?” Her voice was casual, her face amused, but her eyes contradicted her cool composure. They held an intensity that whipped the air from his lungs.

He struggled to focus on her words. Old friend? No, she wasn’t that. Not anymore. Not since their first kiss, two years, and one month ago. Not since they’d become lovers, ten minutes after their first kiss. She was the only woman he’d ever loved. The only woman he’d ever have sacrificed his own happiness for.

She was also his best friend’s future wife.

Katie’s mouth parted in a smile.

No matter the raging swirl of emotion churning through his gut, he couldn’t keep his hands off her another minute. “I sure am,” he promised, and put his arms around her waist. Then he lifted her off the ground, leaving her with no choice but to wrap her arms around his shoulders and hold him.

Memories of how well their bodies fit together careened back. Memories of Katie locked in his arms, of both of them lost in the tangle of soft, cool sheets. Memories of a time that fate itself could not have prevented.

“Tyler,” she murmured against his neck.

Fuck. He’d heard that voice before, heard the passion infused with the restraint.

“Hey, Katie,” He didn’t mean to whisper, but the blood in his body drained to his groin, making speech damn near impossible. “It’s been a while.”

Soft breasts squashed against his chest, the heat from her body seeped through his shirt, messing with his head. “Two years,” she agreed. “It’s a long time.” She held her shoulders stiff, kept her neck straight. Tension hummed through her muscles, straining against his arms.

“Not long enough to forget,” he said hoarsely, his voice audible only to her.

Knowing Steve’s eyes followed his actions, he planted a chaste, friendly kiss on her cheek, and set her feet firmly back on the ground. “Now take me home and feed me, people,” he said, aware of the alarm in Katie’s face. “I am starving.”


divider1-white“Only Tyler is a definite winner! I’ll be impatiently tapping my foot waiting for Jess Dee to give me Steve’s story. I happily recommend Only Tyler to everyone!!”

(Reviewed by Melissa)

Joyfully Reviewed: Joyfully Recommended


divider1-white“Better break out the tissues before you start reading ONLY TYLER because I can tell you once I started reading I couldn’t put it down and at points holding back tears was impossible. Jess Dee has thoroughly impressed me with her ability to capture her characters honest reactions so that they take on a life of their own.  ONLY TYLER is absolutely beautiful and a ‘must read’ story.

(Reviewed by Chrissy)

Romance Junkies: Five Blue Ribbons


divider1-white“I absolutely adored the opening to this book. An extremely well written story line. I found Only Tyler hard to put down and am eager for the next book. I definitely recommend this book to any fan of Ms. Dee’s writing, as well as anyone else looking for a great contemporary romance.”

(Reviewed by Limecello)

The Good,The Bad and The Unread:  Grade B+


divider1-white“Jess Dee is a brilliant author.  In this first Circle of Friends story we are treated to a sensual story that will have your mouth watering and at times, tears streaming.  This is a must read novel that anyone can enjoy.  Only Tyler is a feast for the senses that will leave the reader wanting so much more.”

 (Reviewed by  Kimberley)

Ecataromance: Four Stars


divider1-white“Jess Dee has penned a heart-wrenching emotional story of friendship, love and life. It’s one the reader will not want to put down until the very end.”

(Reviewed by Lisa Freeman)

The Romance Studio: Four Hearts


divider1-white“Ms. Dee has woven a story full of conflict for her star-crossed lovers. You can feel their pain through the writing. There are twists I didn’t see coming that had me turning page after page holding my breath waiting to find out what would happen next. A great read.”

(Reviewed by Sandie Hudson)

Fallen Angel Reviews: Four Angels


divider1-white“Jess Dee is an author that knows how to bring emotions out in all her writings. She gets to the heart of the story and make the reader fall in love with all the characters. If you are looking for a romance writer that brings all the joy, love, heartache, and happiness in one story. Jess Dee is your girl.“

Midnight at the Blush Blog)

Book Facts

Series: Circle Of Friends, Book 1

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Publication Date: July 3, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 231 pages

ISBN-13: 9781633759893

Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde Media



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